Greetings and a warm welcome to Writing PARADISO! :)

It looks like somehow you landed in my paradise. So, let me take this opportunity to thank you, welcome you and quickly introduce myself.


A little about me…

I am Neha Godambe, and this is my personal blog where my endeavor is to share views and thoughts on topics of interest.

I am a wacky thinker, may be cross-wired in head but true to the richness of learning and writing.

Professionally, I am a content, web, script and fiction writer.

Photography is my wishful area of interest.

Conceptualization and content development are my core areas.

Encapsulating the insights of world in a bewitching poetic style is my heart and soul.

T.S. Eliot rightly said, ‘You write because you feel the need to free yourself of something’. Like most writers, I write on a whim to express my emotions.

Learning is a never-ending process. My endeavor is to use this platform to share my learning experiences based on various insights of  creative writing.

Hope you keep reading and enjoying:)

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