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City Of Paupers

An Indian one rupee coin is seen in this picture illustration taken in Mumbai

You name it ‘the city of dreams’, I m alien to this city

Such an enigmatic crowd, paupers full of versatility

 This isn’t an account on beggars, I m not here to preach

Just amazed how varied ways of begging are adopted by each

 Some pinch their infants and make those innocent souls weep

Some victim to physical violence, those wounds so deep

 With messed up hair, gloomy look and a torn soiled sari

She would skillfully mint money from every new Ferrari

 Some charming kids dancing on the beats of hit Bollywood numbers

Some play instruments listening to which every mind slumbers

Some holy angels shower their blessings on you

Some question your humanity, humans are left so few

And paupers like you and me, fall prey to their plead

Lending just a rupee, to our poverty that won’t lead

 With these poor sentiments, we paupers are born

A rupee leads to another and the show goes on…

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A black spot
On the pseudo-unblemished art
Hard hitting, Unsolicited,
Heart sinking yet convincing!

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Your existence is a must, O father!

None can your daughter trust, O father!

All my teen life,

I survived under your shelter

You left and O father

My life turned helter-skelter

Disorganized I be, with the lack of honesty

I lack the vision of wisdom,

Without you I grew throwing silent tantrum

I carried out our duties, O father,

But wish I could become you

Made innumerable blunders so far

Lord! Let me start anew

 All those men I met so far

Within them, I sought your perfection

Did I find? Oh No! I failed every time

To build the forever connection

With a shattered ego and heart,

I gaze at your legacy fallen apart

In your tough daughter, a weakling persists

O father! I wish in me you could exist!


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Blue Mystic



On a blue mystic land

I landed bizarrely tonight

Fancied silhouettes and blue moon

Sparkling night, glowing in white


Witnessed, dark and tranquil earth

Blessed by illumination of full moon

That night still was dark, albeit I repeat,

It was blessed by full moon’s boon


Shadows of birds flew by under this starlit sky

Spellbinding howls of wolves reached my sensation

As if a blue devil pulled my soul

In the bewitching blueness of gratification


Numbing my grief-stricken soul

And pulling me out of worldly pleasures

There I was in the full moonlit sky

Mesmerized by nature’s unearthly treasures