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Blue Mystic



On a blue mystic land

I landed bizarrely tonight

Fancied silhouettes and blue moon

Sparkling night, glowing in white


Witnessed, dark and tranquil earth

Blessed by illumination of full moon

That night still was dark, albeit I repeat,

It was blessed by full moon’s boon


Shadows of birds flew by under this starlit sky

Spellbinding howls of wolves reached my sensation

As if a blue devil pulled my soul

In the bewitching blueness of gratification


Numbing my grief-stricken soul

And pulling me out of worldly pleasures

There I was in the full moonlit sky

Mesmerized by nature’s unearthly treasures




A wacky thinker, may be cross-wired in head but true to the richness of learning and writing. Like most writers, I believe in writing on a whim to express my emotions. In love with music, art of writing and chicken. I regret not traveling and exploring a lot. That's what I look forward to.

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