Posted in Writing Escapade

That road keeps coming back to me…

For years now, on that crooked road

I am walking and walking,

With eyes on distant horizon

I am walking, not stopping


They walk with me, to my surprise

I hear those laughter and cries

To catch their glimpse, I look around and …they fade

Cares who? I need no being, no shade


Regardless seasons and fate

With me now walks no mate

Alone in crowd, still proud

Way to go, I am walking, not stopping


I wish to escape the road meeting home

Never settle down, solely croon and roam

Wandering and sailing over the sea

That endless road keeps coming back to me…



A wacky thinker, may be cross-wired in head but true to the richness of learning and writing. Like most writers, I believe in writing on a whim to express my emotions. In love with music, art of writing and chicken. I regret not traveling and exploring a lot. That's what I look forward to.

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