6 Reasons to Celebrate Menstruation

Women! If you HAVE to HAVE it, why not CELEBRATE it?

What you feel is a curse is really a priceless boon!

 While doing justice to her varied roles and proving worth of equality, a woman every month is attacked by a pseudo-phantom for 5-7 days! They commonly name it menses/period/menstruation.

The moment this phantom attacks, the woman undergoes pitiful changes that she cannot hide nor express. I’ll be honest. The pain is terrible and it does affect! However, come to think of it, the stress usually persists because she treats menstruation as her foe.

The day she starts appreciating the benefits of menstruation, all her stress will vanish off…

Trina Read, author of Till Sex Do Us Part: Make Your Married Sex Irresistible says, ”I’d always considered my period a nuisance. When I was pregnant and later breastfeeding, it was a relief not to get it. But after I had Andrew, I began missing it! It felt like a part of me went missing…and I was shocked by how happy I was to get my period back.”

Happy to get period back! Really???

Most women would either burst out laughing or make unconvinced faces reading this.

But, it’s true! Keep reading to know why and how…


The Very First Period!

Known as menarche! It heralds the power of the reproductive cycle, empowering a young woman with the “option” to someday carry a child. Many cultures celebrate this event as a sacred phase. The period is the shedding off of the uterine coating, the starting point of the cycle of hormones that is accountable for fertility.

Women live longer than men – this is how!

Who wouldn’t like to have a magic for slowing down the aging process. According to Dr. Thomas Perls, a leading U.S. longevity expert, women age slower than men because menses causes loss of iron. Losing iron through blood can elongate lifespan.

Health Indicator and a Natural Cleanser

Menstrual blood provides priceless information about the well-being of the woman depending on its colour, odour and texture. In case a woman develops illness, menstrual blood offers early signs in order to prevent the same. Menstruation was customarily believed to be the body’s natural cleanser going back to the time of Hippocrates, according to David P. Barash in the book, “How Women Got Their Curves and Other Just-So Stories.” Unfortunately, many societies believe menstruation is a signal of uncleanliness or illness in women, some believe the purpose is to remove impurities in the body, and according to MacArthur Foundation “genius” award winner Margie Profet, is the female reproductive system’s way of defending against pathogens transported by sperm.

Enhanced libido, a better life in the bedroom

While a woman menstruates, increased level of testosterone enhances libido, which makes sex better for some women. One can consider this a priceless benefit of getting periods J Dr Booth says that  there is no reason not to have sex while on your period, but, contrary to popular belief, pregnancy can happen if there is no contraception, because sperm can live for several days and fertilize the developing egg.”

If your periods are regular periods, you would better know your hormones!

As long as you’re not pregnant, nursing or in menopause, regular periods are the best sign of hormone balance. Mother Nature has made our body in a certain way and would love if it works in a certain way. A little bit of disturbance causes trouble. “While most women associate premenstrual syndrome or PMS with their hormones, it’s actually the absence of hormones during this period (a few days before menstruation) that leaves them feeling less than ideal,” says Dr Booth.

The Rejuvenation Period!

The menstruation is a time to get in contact with your inner spiritual self because a new cycle of hormones begins again. It is the ideal period to take care of nutrition, meditation, exercise and even skin.

Despite the fear of pain, embarrassment and negativity, most young women eagerly look forward to the start of their periods. Today’s women know that her flow of blood heralds the unbelievable potential that is uniquely feminine; a wonderful gift that should be celebrated.

So, fully understand the purpose and the promise that the female cycle brings. Next time when you get your periods, think twice before cursing the phase J

Be proud! You are a WOMAN!


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